Writing, communications, and sustainability… But make it fashion.

I grew up in a tiny town in West Michigan. At school we had drive your tractor to school days and threw fun dances like the Hillbilly Hootenanny. There was nothing particularly fashionable or glamorous about my little life on the farm. I was a rough and tumble “rub some dirt in it” kind of girl.

My love for fashion is mostly thanks to my grandma, a talented seamstress with no reservations for telling me when something is unflattering. She made me beautiful dresses and tried to correct the bull-in-a-China-shop aspect of my personality (which mostly still exists, but a girl needs a little edge).

My mother taught me to love far away cities and the glamour of places so different from my own. For as long as I can remember, she read me books set in London and Paris and other beautiful places. Both my mom and my grandma are largely responsible for my career aspirations.

With that foundation set, I became addicted to fashion magazines and always went looking for any way to be around beautiful things. I majored in fashion merchandising and journalism at Eastern Michigan University (where I received a full-ride scholarship) and then made the move to the most beautiful city in the world.

Over the years, I realized the most important things to me are authenticity, social/environmental responsibility, and communication. I’m currently living in Brooklyn, looking for a career that I love and will allow me to lead a life I love as well. I love to thrift shop, watch Schitt’s Creek, try new beer, take obnoxiously long walks around the city, and spend time having interesting conversations with interesting people. Thank you for reading my blog, which is filled with love letters to New York, fashion advice, personal essays, and who knows what else.